Natural Latex Mattress – What You Need to Know About Finding the Best

If you’re done with foam constructions and mattresses with ambiguous materials, a natural latex mattress should be on top of your list. Made from the milky sap of rubber trees, the latex mattress is healthier and more sustainable. Latex is also known to be one of the most durable fibers. That’s why these mattresses are famed for lasting a long time.

Runner Up

Zen Haven


Birch Natural Mattress

Runner Up

Brentwood Home Latex Mattress

In the mattress world, a latex mattress is considered a premium product for a valid reason. You’ll often hear the words ‘healthy’ or ‘non-toxic’ associated with these mattresses. This is because they’re constructed with non-synthetic materials or materials safe for human health. Latex mattresses are also firmer in feel and offer more support, making them a great option for spine health.

List of the Best Natural Latex Mattress

  1. Best Natural Latex Mattress – Birch Natural Mattress   »
  2. Best Talalay Latex Mattress – Zen Haven   »
  3. Best Latex Hybrid Mattress – Brentwood Home Latex Mattress   »
  4. Certified Organic Latex Mattress – Avocado Latex Mattress   »
  5. Cooling Latex Mattress – Essentia Stratami   »

How to Choose the Best Natural Latex Mattress

With so many benefits to sleeping with one of these mattresses, you might be tempted to take the plunge right away. Before you do, there are a few things to consider that may completely change your experience with this mattress so take note!

  1. Labels & Certifications

    Read your mattress label or enquire with the manufacturer to learn if the materials used are made of natural latex.

  2. Latex Type

    Various types of latex can be used in the construction of a latex mattress. They may feel or sleep differently.

  3. Sleeping Position

    Your natural sleep position will determine which type of latex mattress and firmness levels are right for you.

  4. Latex Allergy

    Although rare, individuals prone to latex allergy should avoid latex mattresses or seek the advice of a medical practitioner.

Top 5 Latex Mattresses Compared

While they may fundamentally sound the same, not all latex mattresses are constructed equally. To help you pare down your choice, we researched and compared features of the top 5 latex mattresses.

BrandFirmness RatingLatex Certification(s)Free Trial PeriodPrice
Best Natural Latex Mattress - Birch Natural Mattress
Birch Natural Mattress
Medium Firm: 7/10100-night trialOEKO-Tex & GreenGuard certified latex
Best Talalay Latex Mattress - Zen Haven
Zen Haven
Medium Soft 4.5/10
Medium Firm 7.5/10
180-night trial100% Talalay latex with OEKO-TEX & eco-INSTITUT certifications
Best Latex Hybrid Mattress - Brentwood Home
Brentwood Home Latex Mattress
Medium: 5/10365-night trial100% Dunlop latex with FSC® & eco-INSTITUT® certifications
Certified Organic Latex Mattress - Avocado Latex Mattress
Avocado Latex Mattress
Medium Firm: 7.5/10365-night trial100% GOLS organic certified, STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, &eco-INSTITUT certified latex
Cooling Latex Mattress - Essentia Stratami
Essentia Stratami
Medium: 6.5/10120-night trialOEKO-Tex & GreenGuard certified latex

Natural Latex Mattress Reviews

1. Best Natural Latex Mattress – Birch Mattress

Birch Natural Mattress:

The Birch natural mattress is GREENGUARD Gold and GOTS certified, made from organic Talalay latex, cotton, and birch wool combined with encased coils for optimal comfort and support. It’s a medium-firm mattress with excellent airflow, optimized pressure relief, and flexibility.


  • OEKO-TEX & eco-INSTITUT certified natural Talalay latex
  • Organic cotton cover & organic birch wool comfort layer
  • Constructed with individually wrapped steel coils for support
  • Comes with 2 free pillows
  • Handmade in the USA

Birch natural mattress is constructed from organic materials sourced farm-to-bed, including closely monitored plantations and free-range sheep. It’s made from 100% natural Talalay latex with OEKO-TEX, eco-INSTITUT, and Rainforest Alliance certifications. Birch mattress uses organic cotton and birch wool in the comfort layer, which adds to the latex’s natural airflow, providing you with cool and comfortable sleep.

Talalay latex is soft, but the support layer in this mattress comprises individually wrapped coils, therefore making it medium-firm. Birch mattress is naturally flame retardant, great at temperature regulating due to the wool’s hygroscopic nature, and durable due to the construction that keeps it in shape.

Pros and Cons of the Birch Natural Mattress


  • Best value you can get for an organic latex mattress. Price is unbeatable.
  • Non-toxic. Free from poly foams, chemical fire retardants, and toxic adhesives.
  • Made with Talalay latex, the mattress does feel softer and cooler than a traditional latex mattress.
  • Bonus: Comes with 2 free pillows.


  • Motion transfer may be experienced if you sleep with a partner on this mattress.

Birch natural mattress leaves you with clear consciousness – for each mattress sold, the company plants a tree. It comes with two free pillows and a 100-nights trial.

2. Best Talalay Latex Mattress – Zen Haven

Zen Haven Mattress

Saatva Zenhaven mattress is entirely made of OEKO-TEX and eco-INSTITUT certified Talalay latex in combination with GOTS certified New Zealand wool and cotton. The 5 distinct zones of latex density provide pressure relief and support in the crucial areas of your body.


  • 5 zones of pressure relief
  • 100% Talalay latex
  • Cover and top layer made from organic cotton and wool
  • Flip the mattress to experience different firmness levels

Saatva Zenhaven mattress combines two different firmnesses in one mattress; it’s flippable so that you can enjoy the bouncier feeling with Luxury Plush firmness on one side and Gentle Firmness on the other side. It’s a luxury Talalay latex mattress that doesn’t include any petroleum-based or polyurethane foams. The 5 zones of comfort ensure support in your lower back and pressure-point relief. 

Talalay latex is a breathable material, and when combined with hygroscopic wool and cotton, you’re provided with a cool and comfortable sleep. The cover is treated with Guardin botanical antimicrobial treatment, guaranteeing your protection. You’re not pressured into making your mind; Saatva has a generous 180-night trial.

Pros and Cons of the Zen Haven Mattress


  • Made with 100% Talalay instead of Dunlop latex, the Zen Haven feels bouncier compared to other latex mattresses.
  • If you’re a side sleeper or enjoy a softer mattress, simply flip the mattress to the ‘luxury-plush’ side. Need something firmer? Flip it around again.
  • With 5 comfort zones and variable firmness, this mattress is also great for those needing additional pressure relief.
  • Hits the benchmarks for eco-conscious design and sustainability.


  • The Zen Haven is a luxury mattress and its pricing reflects it. We feel it’s still worth it with free white glove delivery.
  • At this price, we were hoping for a trial period comparable to its competitors.

Zenhaven is on the pricier side, but it’s a socially responsible brand- offering free white glove delivery and return and donating the unwanted mattresses to those in need.

3. Best Latex Hybrid Mattress – Brentwood Home

Brentwood Home Mattress

Brentwood Home latex mattress is a hybrid mattress made from alternative, natural and recycled materials like recycled plastic bottles, denim, wool, and Dunlop latex. It’s a zoned, medium-firm mattress with a plush top layer and 8-inch contouring pocketed coils.


  • Natural Dunlop latex originating from India
  • Organic cotton, wool, flax fibers, and recycled plastic bottles
  • 8 inches of pocket coils used in the support layer
  • Made in USA

If a latex-only mattress is not your preference, meet the Brentwood Home latex mattress. It’s a latex hybrid mattress with a base layer of recycled denim, recycled polyester made from plastic bottles, and 4-inches of zoned natural FSC, eco-INSTITUT, and Rainforest Alliance certified latex. The Dunlop latex is cut in a patent-pending wave design providing support in 3 strategic zones.

The comfort layer is made of 100% OEKO-TEX certified natural plush wool, while the support layer is made of pocketed coils. It’s a 12-inch non-toxic mattress with limited motion transfer. This latex hybrid mattress combines the firmness of the latex with the bounciness of the coil system.

Pros and Cons of the Brentwood Home Mattress


  • Great for those who enjoy a firm latex mattress with the bounce of coils.
  • Although not technically a 100% latex mattress, it’s made from non-toxic materials.
  • Very affordable compared to other mattresses in this category.
  • Bonus points for utilizing recycled and upcycled materials.


  • With the coils, it offers more bounce and buoyancy. If you like a traditionally firm mattress, this might not be the feel for you.
  • Coils = motion transfer. If you’re sleeping with a partner, keep this in mind.

Brentwood Home is a sustainable brand transforming the mattress industry by using alternative mattress manufacturing materials. It comes with an outstanding 365-night trial to convince you of their quality.

4. Certified Organic Latex Mattress – Avocado

Avocado Latex Mattress

The Avocado latex mattress is a medium-firm certified organic Dunlop latex mattress. Endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association due to its patent-pending convoluted latex design providing support and pressure-relief in targeted zones. Additionally, it’s biodegradable, non-toxic, and carbon negative.


  • Certified-organic Dunlop latex
  • Proprietary convoluted latex comfort layer
  • GOTS certified organic New Zealand wool & cotton cover 
  • Made in USA

The Avocado latex mattress is one of the most popular and firmest mattresses on our list. It’s made from 100% GOLS, OEKO-TEX, and eco-INSTITUT certified Dunlop latex. The comfort layer is made of needle-tufted organic wool, while the cover is organic cotton. This certified organic latex mattress is also formaldehyde-free and GreenGuard certified. 

The Avocado latex mattress manufacturing is adapted to offset more than 100% of its carbon emissions, making your mattress carbon negative. Their facilities are powered with renewable energy and produce zero waste. It’s a heavy mattress, so there are 6 reinforced handles for more effortless shifting.

Pros and Cons of the Avocado Latex Mattress


  • 100% GOLS organic certified Dunlop latex is sourced from their own farms.
  • Avocado’s convoluted latex creates 3 zones of targeted support, great for those with back pain.
  • Made without the use of toxic materials such as polyfoams or chemical fire retardants.
  • Generous sleep trial period.


  • Side sleepers and petite sleepers should note that this is the firmest latex mattress reviewed.

The Avocado latex mattress checks all the boxes for environmentally responsible sourcing, safety, and comfort. Get it for a 365-night trial, and it might be a keeper!

5. Cooling Latex Mattress – Essentia Stratami

Essentia Stratami Latex Mattress

Essentia Stratami is a high quality, hypoallergenic cooling latex mattress made from GOLS certified Dunlop latex and GOTS certified removable cotton cover. It’s a 100% latex mattress with a comfort layer made of dome-shaped contour latex.


  • GOLS certified organic Dunlop latex
  • 100% organic cotton cover and Bucaneve (yarn) liner
  • Patented latex natural foam
  • Canadian made

Complete latex mattresses are rarely made, so Essentia Stratami is one of it’s kind. It doesn’t use wool or cotton in the comfort layer, but 3-inch dome-shaped latex foam. The absence of wool and cotton filling eliminates the chances of dust mites’ appearance, making the mattress hypoallergenic. The support core is made of 5-inch natural latex that offers proper spine alignment and support. 

The Essentia Stratami is a cooling latex mattress due to the latex’s natural form that allows optimal airflow. This mattress is tested and proven to have no VOC emissions. It’s a medium-firm, so it suits both side and back sleepers with no motion transfer or bounce.

Pros and Cons of the Essentia Stratami Latex Mattress


  • The Essentia Stratami patented latex memory foam sleeps cool and maintains a comfortable temperature throughout the night.
  • Dome-shaped latex comfort layer feels firm but bouncy at the same time
  • Backed by some of the influential athletes and wellness experts.
  • Hypoallergenic without the use of wool batting which can be a breeding ground for dust mites.


  • A great latex mattress end-to-end but its cost may price some people out.
  • No way to shift the mattress around easily. Handles would be helpful.

Essentia Stratami might come at a steep price, but it’s a top-rated 100% latex mattress. You get a 120-night trial period to see that it’s worth the splurge.

Choosing the Best Natural Latex Mattress

Certification-IconLabels & Certifications

Take a closer look at what you’re buying.  While latex is a natural material, there are synthetically produced materials that mimic latex. A mattress that’s not labeled 100% natural latex might include some synthetic latex. Look for a label that clarifies that the mattress is made of 100% natural latex.

Another thing to look for is a Global Organic Latex Standard certification. A GOLS certified mattress is made from natural latex sourced from organic plantations. It’s manufactured sustainably and is guaranteed to be made of at least 95% organic raw material. By buying a mattress with a GOLS certified latex, you support manufacturers that follow social and environmental regulations.

Latex-Type-IconLatex Type

Natural latex mattresses are made from Dunlop or Talalay latex or a combination of both. There aren’t any dramatic differences between the two latex types. They’re both produced by vulcanization of liquid latex, with few different steps in the process. 

The production of Dunlop latex is more energy-efficient and straightforward. A Dunlop latex mattress is denser, durable, supportive, and has a springy feeling. It suits most people. Talalay latex is produced with a more energy-intensive process. A Talalay latex mattress is bouncy, softer, and has more give. A combination mattress usually uses a Dunlop latex core and Talalay latex top layer.

Sleep-Position-IconSleeping Position

Your sleeping position determines what mattress firmness you need. Most latex mattresses are firmer since latex is a naturally hard material. Side sleepers will need a latex mattress that’s able to contour and cushion their body to avoid hip and shoulder pressure. That can be achieved with a Talalay or combination mattress. Back sleepers will enjoy almost any latex mattress since they need support from a sturdier mattress.

Take this guide with a grain of salt. Depending on your personal preferences, pregnancy, or past injuries, you need to choose what mattress you feel most comfortable sleeping on. It might be the opposite of the recommended.

Allergies-IconLatex Allergy

According to the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America, less than 1% of US people have a latex allergy. Frequent exposure to latex causes the body to overreact and trigger an allergic reaction. That’s the reason why almost 50% of health care workers who use latex gloves daily develop a latex allergy. People with other allergies are predisposed to developing a latex allergy. It’s manifested with itching, skin redness, and rashes. If you think you might be allergic, ask your doctor to perform a skin test. While latex mattresses’ covers are made from other material, it’s best to avoid latex mattresses if you’re allergic.


What is a Natural Latex Mattress?

A natural latex mattress is not made from synthetic rubber. It’s made from naturally sourced latex as the primary material combined with other secondary raw materials like cotton or wool. It’s impossible to make a 100% latex mattress because different materials are needed to cure the latex in the production process. Natural latex mattresses have many perks; they’re cooling and antimicrobial.

Are Natural Latex Mattresses Safe?

Natural latex mattresses are overall safe, except for people with severe latex allergies. Latex mattresses, especially those with GOLS certification, are safer and less toxic than regular mattresses. Latex is safe, durable, and the only natural foam that can be found. It’s free of fire retardants, VOCs, dyes, formaldehyde, and other toxic chemicals. Manufacturers follow strict regulations for sustainable toxic-free production.