Organic Latex Mattress: Reviews & 4 IMPORTANT Buying Considerations

Mulling over replacing your current mattress with a latex version to fix that nagging back pain? Concerned over potentially toxic materials in your bed? Picking an organic latex mattress is most definitely the right choice if you want to cultivate a healthy and supportive sleep environment.

Runner Up

The Botanical Bliss®


Avocado Latex Mattress

Runner Up

Essentia Stratami Mattress

In this post, we’ll go over 4 very important considerations when choosing the right organic latex mattress (we know… it’s tempting to gloss over details, but they’re crucial especially in this case). Finally, we’ll top things off with a review of the top-rated mattresses available in the market. Ready to get started?

Best Organic Latex Mattress (Summary)

  1. Best Organic Latex Mattress: Avocado Latex Mattress   »
  2. Best for Side Sleepers: The Botanical Bliss®   »
  3. Best Organic Latex Foam: Essentia Stratami Mattress   »
  4. Best for Motion Isolation: Nest Bedding Latex Mattress  »

How To Choose the Right Organic Latex Mattress?

The terms ‘organic’ or ‘natural latex’ have become so pervasive these days – it’s hard to determine if things are what they say they are. And to make things worse, the definition of ‘organic’ can differ product-by-product. So when narrowing your mattress choices, they must carry the right certifications that support these claims. Here are 4 things to consider:

  1. GOLS Certification

    Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) certification indicates the mattress consists of at least 95% organic latex.

  2. GOTS Certification

    Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification ensures textiles used are at least 70% certified organic natural fibers.

  3. Non-Toxic Materials

    All materials used are known to be safe and do not cause harm to humans, animals, and the environment.

  4. Sleep Position

    Your natural sleeping position will determine the firmness and contouring required from the mattress.

Top 4 Mattresses Compared

There are so many benefits to sleeping on an organic mattress! Latex is cooling and supportive, making it ideal for those who run hot or suffer from back pain. Organic mattresses are non-toxic, healthy, and sustainable. While all mattresses we review share those benefits, not one is identical to the other. In the table below, we examine the features that set each mattress apart.

BrandCertificationsFirmness RatingComfort LayerFree Trial PeriodPrice
Avocado Latex Mattress
Avocado Latex Mattress
GOTS & GOLS Certified7.5/10
(Firm Mattress)
2 inches of contoured latex for top layer365-night trial
The Botanical Bliss®
The Botanical Bliss®
GOTS & GOLS Certified6 to 6.5/10
(Choice of Medium to Firm Mattress)
Choice of 2 to 3 inches latex as comfort layer100 nights trial
Essentia Stratami Mattress
Essentia Stratami Mattress
GOTS & GOLS Certified6.5/10
(Medium Firm Mattress)
3-inch dome-shaped natural latex foam for comfort layer120 nights
Nest Bedding Latex Mattress
Nest Bedding Latex Mattress
GOTS & GOLS Certified5 to 7/10
(Choice of Medium to Firm Mattress)
3 inches of latex on top layer100 nights trial

Organic Latex Mattress Reviews

1. Avocado Latex Mattress – Best Organic Latex Mattress

Avocado Latex Mattress

Avocado Latex mattress is a firm handcrafted mattress. It’s made with GOLS Organic Certified latex and GOTS certified cotton and wool. The Avocado mattress is breathable, doesn’t sink or have motion transfer. The bounce dampening layers ensure new-found levels of comfort.


  • Uses organic certified Dunlop latex
  • Organic New Zealand wool & 100% organic cotton cover
  • No polyurethane or synthetic foams, no chemical adhesives
  • Handmade in the USA

Are you sick of feeling every move your partner or pet makes during the night? The firmness of the Avocado Latex Mattress provides you with a good night’s sleep, with no springs or memory foam consequences to ruin your night. Bonus: your Avocado Mattress doesn’t need time to come to shape. Unpack it, and it’s ready for sleep. 

The wool absorbs moisture and regulates the temperature, so no more night sweats. If you’re on the heavier side, this is the best latex mattress for you due to its firmness. If you’re a petite side sleeper, this might not be your best choice.

Pros and Cons of the Avocado Latex Mattress:


  • The mattress has superior pressure relief all thanks to zoning and Convoluted Latex design.
  • Surprisingly, it’s one of the more affordable mattress in this category.
  • Generous sleep trial period compared to most mattresses.
  • 1% of revenue is donated to nonprofits. The company is also involved in carbon-neutral programs.


  • It’s a pretty firm mattress. This may not be ideal for petite or side sleepers.

Having second thoughts? The Avocado Latex Mattress comes with a money-back guarantee; you can sleep on it for a year before you decide if you want to keep it. Upon purchase, you get a 25-year limited warranty.

2. The Botanical Bliss® – Best for Side Sleepers

The Botanical Bliss® Mattress

The Botanical Bliss is a medium to medium-firm mattress for side sleepers.Made with organic knit cotton cover provides cool and dry nights while the latex ensures lifetime durability, no noise or odor.


  • Certified-organic Dunlop rubber in latex layers
  • Organic New Zealand wool & 100% organic cotton cover
  • No PBDE flame retardants, no harmful chemicals used in adhesives
  • Build by hand in the USA

The Botanical Bliss mattress is the best choice for those with inconsistent sleep preferences. If you tend to switch your sleep positions often, this mattress can support that. The firmness level is flexible; you can open it up and reposition the layers to adjust the firmness. Latex mattresses are bulky, so this can be a challenging task.

Every Botanical Bliss mattress has a 1-inch thick wool layer under the cover for maximum temperature and moisture regulation.This mattress is the best choice for medium-sized people who avoid sleeping near the mattress edges.

Pros and Cons of the Botanical Bliss Latex Mattress:


  • Highly versatile. Choose between medium-firm or medium firmness.
  • The mattress thickness is also customizable. Choose between a 9, 10, or 12-inch height.
  • The mattress can be further adjusted to perfect firmness by flipping and rotating comfort layers.
  • Talalay latex used in the comfort layer gives the mattress a softer and more cushiony feel.


  • While Talalay latex is softer, it’s less durable than its Dunlop latex counterpart.
  • Latex mattresses are heavy. It would’ve been helpful if it came with handles to rotate & adjust the mattress as recommended.

Having a choice is always great, right? The Botanical Bliss mattress is a people pleaser- it allows you to adjust the layers to please whoever uses the bed.

3. Essentia Stratami Mattress – Best Organic Latex Foam

Essentia Stratami Mattress

Essentia Stratami is a Canadian-made low-profile latex mattress. The organic latex foam gives you the feel of a memory foam mattress. With GOTS and GOLS Standards, it’s a great eco-friendly choice.


  • Certified-organic Dunlop latex in comfort & support layers
  • Bucaneve (yarn) liner and 100% organic cotton cover
  • No chemical flame retardants, no poly foams, no VOCs
  • Made in Canada

The Stratami mattress is the only all-latex mattress Essentia makes. It’s a luxury mattress made with organic latex foam that easily adjusts to your body. With Essentia you get the best of both worlds – a latex mattress with responsiveness as memory foam.

This mattress is the best choice for stomach and back sleepers. For edge sleepers, the Stratami offers great edge sturdiness. Unexpected for a medium-firm 8-inch low profile mattress, it has excellent motion isolation and temperature control. Essentia Stratami mattress is highly hypoallergenic – it doesn’t include wool or thick cotton that accumulate dust and other allergens.

Pros and Cons of the Essentia Stratami Mattress:


  • Proprietary molding technique allows the mattress to contour your body just like memory foam.
  • Very hypoallergenic. Essentia doesn’t use fiber batting, a known nesting ground for dust mites.
  • Recommended by highly-acclaimed health institutions, wellness experts, and athletes.


  • Less reach as the brand is not as well-known in the US compared to competitors.

Are you scared to go over budget? The Essentia Stratami gives you a 120 nights sleep test before you buy. Additionally, you get a 20-year warranty and free shipping in the US.

4. Nest Bedding Latex Mattress – Best for Motion Isolation

Nest Bedding Latex Mattress

The Nest Bedding Latex mattress suits all types of sleepers. Whether you’re a back, stomach, or side sleeper, this is your mattress. You have a choice of two versions, natural or organic latex. Nest latex mattress is made with GOTS certified cotton and wool and GOLS certified latex.


  • Organic certified latex
  • 100% organic cotton encasement & organic wool
  • No polyurethane foams or synthetic material
  • Made in the USA

The Nest latex mattress comes with two firmness levels: medium or firm. The top layer adjusts to the sleeper’s shape, making it comfortable in all positions. You get the feeling of floating on your bed instead of sinking.

The latex’s open-cell structure provides cooling airflow, and the quilted covers add to the mattress’ comfort level. Like other latex mattresses, no matter how much you move, there’s no noise and little to none motion transfer. Since all latex mattresses are on the heavier side, the added handles are convenient. The initial smell after unpacking disappears in just a few hours.

Pros and Cons of the Nest Bedding Mattress:


  • Versatile. You can choose between 2 firmness levels.
  • When the mattress eventually wears down, users can remove and replace its comfort layer easily, further extending its lifespan.
  • No off-gassing or unpleasant smells.


  • High price tag that almost doubles some of the other mattresses reviewed.

Lifetime warranty and lifetime comfort guarantee are a rarity in the sleeping industry. On top of that, Nest Bedding offers you a 100 nights test period, free of charge.

What To Look For When Buying An Organic Latex Mattress?

GOLS-Certification-IconGOLS Certification

The Control Union Certifications introduced the Global Organic Latex Standard to protect nature and buyers. Mattresses don’t grow on trees, but latex does. Pure latex starts as a seed – and the GOLS certification guarantees that the seed is and remains organic. GOLS controls the process of sustainable latex production, processing, to mattress manufacturing. Ask to see the actual certification from the mattress manufacturer to ensure you support the right cause.

The ban on fertilizers and pesticides provides you with a toxic-free mattress produced by healthy workers. You sleep better, knowing that your mattress didn’t harm the Amazon forests. Talk about a socially responsible purchase!

GOTS-Certification-IconGOTS Certification

The Global Organic Textile Standard controls textiles’ organic status, from harvesting, manufacturing, and labeling to committing to the end customer. The GOTS certification is an international standard that simplifies the world-wide export of organically sourced wool, bamboo, and cotton.

A mattress with a GOTS certification provides you with not only natural fibers but at least 70% certified natural organic textile, free of bleach and dyes. All fiber treatments used in production are biodegradable. The standard’s aim is similar to GOLS – to cover every step of the path from supply to production by fulfilling environmental and social criteria.

Non-Toxic-IconNon-Toxic Materials

We spend a third of our life sleeping- a reason big enough for you to choose a toxic-free mattress. The manufacturing process of a non-toxic mattress controls adhesives, primary material, and other compounds used in production and their level of toxicity.

A non-toxic mattress guarantees no chemical fire retardants were used, like polybrominate diphenyl ethers- linked to cancer and developmental issues. Toxicity is not visible with the naked eye. For a non-toxic mattress, look for certifications like Eco-Institut, OEKO-TEX Standard 100, and Green Guard. These certificates control the VOC and chemical emissions and the amount of allergy triggering compounds.

Sleep-Position-IconSleep Position

How do you sleep at night? The answer to this question can help you finally wake up fresh and relaxed. The top layers of a mattress determine the comfort level; firm, medium, or plush. When choosing mattress’ firmness, weight, past injuries, pregnancy, and sleep apnea have to be taken into consideration. Some conditions require you to switch your firm mattress for a medium or vice versa.

As rules of thumb, back sleepers need a firm mattress as it offers the best support. Stomach and side sleepers are more flexible- they can be comfortable with a medium to medium-firm. Side sleepers need a softer mattress to take off the pressure from their hips and shoulders and stop them from waking up with pain.


What is an organic latex mattress?

Mattresses made from organic latex, cotton, and wool classify as organic latex mattresses. The organic latex starts out as a seed that comes from a controlled origin. The plantations for organic latex don’t use any fertilizers or pesticides and don’t exploit human labor.

Further down the road, organic latex is not blended with any synthetic materials. Other components like adhesives used in mattress production are non-toxic and safe for people and animals. To clear things up, mattresses can’t be fully organic. Even those with GOLS and GOTS Standards are at most 95% organic.

Why buy an organic latex mattress?

These mattresses are not only comfortable but safer for you and the environment. By buying this type of mattress, you support and contribute towards natural sourcing of material, ethical plantations, and controlled manufacturing.

The process of making this mattress is thoroughly controlled, so you’re safe from toxins. You can recycle your mattress after 20 years since the material is biodegradable. Latex’s structure makes it more breathable, which leads to no mold creating on the inside. As a sturdier material, it’s perfect for keeping your back in shape.