Where to Get Pallets for Bed (6 Tips for DIY Success!)

Scrolling through Pinterest, you’ve probably come across the beautiful DIY bed frames made out of pallets. They’re unique, stylish, and look easy to make. If you’re a DIY person, you’ve probably wondered where to get pallets for bed projects? Knowing where to get them is half the difficulty, but we have the tips and steps to guide you to success. Just get your handyman mood on!

Where to Get Pallets for Bed

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How Many Pellets Do You Need?

How many pallets you’ll need depends on the size of the bed you want to build and the pallets available in your region. Depending on what cargo they transport, pallets can vary in size. The most common types of pallets in North America are 48″ x 48″, 42″ x 42″, and 48″ x 40″.

The number of pallets you’ll need is based on the mattress size, your desired height – single or double stacked pallets and length – whether you’d want extra space around or not. We’ve prepared a rough guideline below based on standard 48″ x 40″ pallets. Of course, you’re free to cut the pallets to your preferred size.

TypeHow Many 48″ x 40″
Pallets Needed
Pallet Bed Size
Twin (39″ X 75″)2 pallets48″ X 80″
Full (54″ X 75″)4 pallets80″ x 96″
Queen (60″ X 80″)4 pallets80″ x 96″
King (76″ X 80″)4 pallets80″ x 96″
California King (72″ X 84″)4 pallets80″ x 96″

Types of Pallets to Avoid

When searching for where to get pallets for bed projects, it’s essential to know what you should avoid. Depending on their use, storage, and the type of cargo they carried, some pallets are a much safer and better choice than others.

Where to Get Pallets for Bed

Dirty Pallets
If the pallets at your storage of choice look old or discolored, they’re best left there. The darker shade of the wood can be a tell-tale sign of mold or the pallet being treated with Methyl Bromide, a pesticide used to kill any pests inside the wood. Safe pallets are treated with heat and no harmful chemicals.

Pallets Marked with MB or SF
Methyl Bromide treated pallets come with MB mark, while the ones treated with Sulfuryl Fluoride come with the SF mark. Sulfuryl Fluoride is considered a safer alternative to Methyl Bromide, but it’s still dangerous for DIY projects and furniture building. Pick pallets with the HT symbol instead – they only use heat to eliminate pests.

Colored Pallets
Avoid purchasing colored pallets as they can get you in trouble. There are pallet rental companies that color their pallets as a universal method of recognition. If you end up with a colored pallet, contact the company for a return. The most common ones are red, brown, and blue.

Pallets Exposed to Rain & Moisture
When exposed to moisture, pallets become the perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria, and you don’t want to bring those things inside your home. The risk of ending up with improperly stored pallets is higher when purchasing them online. Luckily there are many retailers where you can see the pallets before purchasing.

Pallets from an Unknown Origin
Most pallets come with clear markings; some have stamps or etching while others are colored. If you found pallets with no markings, you can’t trace their origin, and those aren’t safe for DIY home projects. Unfortunately, many get tempted by the free or low price of unmarked pallets but beware that you might be putting your health at risk.

Where to Get Pallets for Your DIY Bed?

Every business dealing with cargo uses pallets which means you have plenty of places where to get pallets for bed projects. We’ve listed the ones where you have the greatest chance to find good pallets at an excellent price.

1. Grocery & Produce Stores

Grocery Store

Stores often get one-way shipments which means they have plenty of leftover pallets. Look for smaller businesses as they don’t have the resources to recycle, so they’re willing to give the pallets away for free or at a reasonable price.

If you found the correct pallet size, stick to that store until you have enough for your project.

2. Hardware & Garden Stores, Furniture Stores

While you can score cheap or free pallets from a local small business, large retailers like Home Depot and Walmart can charge a good price for them. This is because they either give the pallets back to the supplier or use them themselves.

Local garden centers are more likely to give pallets for free but check the origin, as they might have used them to transport pesticides.

Hardware Store

3. Construction Sites

Construction Site

Benefit from that loud construction site next to you – just go and ask them for any leftover pallets. Most times, the crew will be happy to give you some of their trash as they deal with a significant number of pallets every day.

However, you must check the markings before heading home with the treasure.

4. Local Lumber Recycling Yard

Check whether your community has a designated wood and lumber recycling area.

Many retailers that aren’t participating in the supplier return program or sell their pallets on marketplaces may bring their pallets here. It’s convenient for them and a good bargain for the DIY enthusiasts in the community.

Lumber Yard

5. Craigslist, Facebook & Other Online Classifieds

Online Marketplace

Online marketplaces are an excellent spot to rummage for free or cheap pallets. Pallets are bulky, create clutter, and are not easy to get rid of, so many people and businesses will offer them on Facebook Marketplace or other online classifieds.

If you can’t find any at the moment, post your preferred size and number in the ‘Wanted’ section.

6. Purchase from a Store or Online

You can find pallets in most online markets like Amazon. eBay, or Etsy. Repalletize can let you know about available pallets in your area, while Dales Transport has the standard size pallets with delivery.

If you prefer in-store shopping, many large chains like Home Depot often have pallets in stock.

Warehouse Pallets

Final Words: Where To Get Pallets for Bed Projects

While it may not be easy to source pellets these days, you now know where to get pallets for a bed. Whichever way you choose, make sure you’re getting them from a safe and healthy source as you’ll be spending a lot of time on your bed. Also, lumber prices are high, so it’s hard to find places that offer good quality pallets for free these days.

Where to Get Pallets for Bed


How many pallets are needed to make a bed?

Depending on the size and style you want, you can use two to four standard 48″ x 40″ pallets. The exact number depends on your mattress size, whether you want some extra space around it. For example, a higher bed with a tall headboard means you’d need more pallets.

How much weight can a pallet bed hold?

Pallets are used for transporting heavy cargo, so you don’t have to worry about them holding your body weight. A standard pallet is 48″ X 40″ and can hold up to 4600 lbs. If you use two pallets for your bed, that is more than within the safety margins for weight limits.

Are wood pallets safe to use in your home?

Pallets are completely safe to use around your house as long as they weren’t used for transporting hazardous chemicals and were stored correctly. You shouldn’t use dirty, colored pallets, pallets treated with Sulfuryl Fluoride and Methyl Bromide, and pallets from untraceable origin. Improperly stored pallets exposed to water are also dangerous.