Alberta King Bed: Size, Costs & Important Considerations [Here]

The Alberta King Bed is a non-standard oversized bed, just a foot smaller than the gigantic Alaskan King. It’s designed for people who love the comfort of a big, square-shaped bed but are slightly more limited with space. This bed size is a rarity; even the Alaskan King is more common.

Alberta King Bed
An Alberta King Frame by HarrisMarksHome.

The Alberta King has a unique and rare size, even for an oversize bed. When compared to other beds, Alberta King Bed comes closest in size to the Texas King Bed. This connection is the reason behind the name; the province of Alberta in Canada is regarded as the Canadian Texas.

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Alberta King Bed Size

The Alberta King comes at 96-inch x 96-inch size, which forms a square-shaped bed. It’s smaller than the Alaskan King, which is also a square but 108-inch x 108-inch. To get the idea of how big the Alberta King is, if you combine a single and a queen bed, the Alberta will still be slightly larger.

ShapeSleepsAvg. Cost
(Actual Price Varies)
California King
California King
72 x 84 inchesRectangular2 adults + 1 pet$800 to $3,500
Alberta King Bed
Alberta King
96 x 96 inchesSquare2 adults + 1 child + 1 pet$2,500 to $4,500
Alaskan King
Alaskan King
108 x 108 inchesSquare2 adults + 2 children$2,000 to $6,000

Alberta King Bed vs California King

For comparison, we’ll use the widely popular California King bed since it’s the most common oversized mattress. The California King comes at 72-inch width and 78-inch length. At 96-inches per side, the Alberta King is 2 feet wider than the California King and 1.5 feet longer.


Alberta Flag

The Alberta King Bed is often the choice for people who want an oversized mattress but don’t have mansion-sized bedrooms. However, this mattress still can’t fit into a standard 11 feet x 12 feet bedroom. It’s ideal for co-sleeping and for those wanting more room to spread out during the night. It can accommodate two adults and one to two small children. Your fur family can also join – there’s enough space for them at the foot of the bed. Finding bedding can be a tough challenge; this bed size is so rare that you’ll have to look into made-to-order sheets and covers.

Pros and Cons of the Alberta King Bed


  • You’ll have all the room you need to spread out without touching your partner. A huge win for light sleepers!
  • If you are planning to use the Alberta King as a family bed, there’s enough room for 2 small children.
  • It’s a good way to foster closeness and a sense of security. This is great for families with children suffering from anxiety issues.


  • If you think a California King or even an Alaskan King is rare, good luck finding an Alberta King Bed manufacturer.
  • Customizations, customizations, and more customizations. You won’t be able to find accessories unless they’re made-to-order.

How Much Does An Alberta King Cost?

Since manufacturers that make Alberta Kings are rare, there’s not a wide choice of pricing. The bed frame only can cost between $1,000 and $1,500.

The mattress itself is very dependent on the materials and production methods; it can vary between $3,000 and $5,000. As with all beds, high quality and organic materials will drive up the cost.

Alberta King Bed

Practical Considerations

Whether you’re looking for more comfort or need an oversized bed as a therapeutic, co-sleeping space, there are some details you need to consider. The type of material, firmness, and size are the essential factors when choosing an oversize mattress. Comfort also comes at a higher price. Finding a manufacturer can be a project on its own, together with the limited choice of bedding.

Alberta King Bed Purchase Considerations

Your Budget
Oversized mattresses are naturally more costly than traditional beds, but the Alberta King is so rare that it holds an even higher price. If you’re opting for certified organic materials, the price goes upwards. All the accessories as sheets and comforters also need to be custom-made.

How Much Room
The Alberta King might not be as big as the Alaskan King, but it still can’t fit a standard bedroom. Before considering an Alberta King, make sure you’ll have enough space in your bedroom to place it and move around it.

Forgoing Conveniences
Forget going to the store for new bedsheets at a discount once you get an Alberta King mattress. All bedding as well as any additions and replacements you might need will be made to order. If this seems to you like too much of a hassle, reconsider the purchase.

Sleeping Preferences
When choosing an oversize mattress for co-sleeping, consider the preferences of all sleepers. The mattress is made in one firmness and out of one material, so if not everyone is on board with the choice, it can be a problem.


What’s bigger than the Alberta King Bed?

The Alaska King Bed is the next in line, a larger bed than the Alberta King. It’s staggering 108-inch long and 108-inch wide and fits only in a huge bedroom. Alaskan King got the name after the harsh winters in Alaska, which led families to co-sleep to keep warm.

Where can you find an Alberta King Bed?

If you have your mind set on one, look for oversize mattresses manufacturers. Many of them build their beds by order, so you might be able to have an Alberta King made. Search around for custom furniture builders that can also accommodate your requirement. It’s harder to find but not impossible.