Bed Cooling System (Best of the Best) – Read This Before Buying

Hot sleepers rejoice! Long gone are clammy nights and time spent baking under the sheets. No more flipping your pillow over. No more tossing and turning around in search of a cold air pocket. If that sounds all too familiar, you’ll be happy to get your hands on the best bed cooling system.

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chiliPAD Sleep System


Bedjet 3

Runner Up

If you’re a temperature-sensitive, a bed cooling system can transform your sleep overnight. They work by cooling (or heating) your mattress just like a fan or AC would to a room. The result is perfectly maintained temperature throughout the night and a very restful sleep.

There are usually 2 types of active bed cooling systems. The first type blows air under the sheets while the other cools or heats using liquid-filled pads placed under your mattress. In this guide, we will review both types of mattress cooling systems.

Bed Cooling Systems Reviewed

  1. Best Overall Bed Cooling System – Bedjet 3   »
  2. Best Heating & Cooling Mattress Pad – chiliPAD Sleep System   »
  3. Mattress Cooling Pad Alternative – Mattress Cooler Classic   »
  4. Affordable Under Sheet Fan – bFan®   »

How to Choose the Best Bed Cooling System

Active bed cooling systems is a relatively new product and the market for these items are still in its infancy. We managed to find a few brands that satisfy our criteria for functionality and is reasonably easy for the average consumer to purchase. These are the four things to look out for when you’re choosing a cooling systems for your mattress.

  1. Cooling or Cooling AND Heating?

    Some of the more versatile cooling systems have added heating capabilities to keep you warm in winter.

  2. How Much Maintenance?

    Like any air conditioner or heating unit, bed cooling systems require routine cleaning and maintenance.

  3. What’s Its Noise Rating?

    You wouldn’t want to get woken up by loud humming or blowing from your cooling system so checking the unit’s noise rating is key.

  4. What’s Its Temperature Range?

    You shouldn’t expect the cooling system to hit extreme highs or lows but make sure they can at least reach your ideal sleeping temperature.

4 Bed Cooling Systems Compared

We’re just going to put it out there – these cooling systems are not cheap! So before we jump in and purchase our cooling system, we need to be very sure that they have the right chops to do the job right. Let’s compare the features and specs of some of the best bed cooling systems out there.

BrandTypeTemperature RangeNoise RatingPrice
BedJet 3 Bed Climate Control
BedJet 3
Cooling & Heating66°F to 104°F
(Low – High)
Noise rated at 38 – 47 dB
chiliPAD Sleep System
chiliPAD Sleep System
Cooling & Heating55°F to 115°F
(Low – High)
Noise emitted:
51 – 56 dBA
Mattress Cooler Classic
Mattress Cooler Classic
Cooling7°F to 12°F less than room temperatureNoise emitted: 40 dB
CoolingNoise emitted:
28 – 54 dB
3 fan speeds

Bed Cooling System Reviews

1. Best Bed Cooling System – Bedjet 3

Bedjet 3

BedJet 3 is the perfect dual function bed system with cooling, heating, and sweat drying options. The smart temperature setting, LED remote control, and silent undersheet fan provides you with deep uninterrupted sleep.  No leakage or pipes; the BedJet runs only on air!


  • Dual heating and cooling system
  • Lifetime washable air filter
  • Fits under the bed (needs 6” clearance)
  • 60-day returns
  • Remote control and app included

BedJet 3 tops the list as the best cooling bed system for various reasons, dual functionality, low maintenance, sleek design, and overall user-friendly experience. It fits under any bed with 6-inch space and even in the smallest bedroom since it requires only 3.5-inch side clearance. You can enjoy cool nights in summer or heat your bed like a sauna in wintertime. The dual temperature zone model is a clever solution for couples regularly fighting over the sleeping temperature. 

The under sheet fan quickly wicks moisture out of the bed, which provides comfortable dry sleep. But if you have dry skin, you might find this function additionally drying.

Pros and Cons of the Bedjet 3:


  • Because BedJet is air-driven, maintenance is limited to cleaning the air filter once every couple of months.
  • BedJet’s biorhythm sleep technology personalizes temperature settings throughout the night.
  • There is no water or piping involved so the BedJet is not prone to leaking and won’t cause water damage to your mattress.
  • The remote control is blissful when you need to swap settings around in the middle of the night.


  • Comes at a high price point and may be out of the affordability range for some.

Stop sleeping poorly and waking up drenched in sweat or with frosted feet; BedJet 3 can provide you with the best sleep of your life year-round!

2. Best Heating & Cooling Mattress Pad – chiliPAD Sleep System

chiliPAD Sleep System

ChiliPAD sleep system is a water-based mattress pad with a wide temperature range to keep you warm and cool accordingly. Remote controlled, machine washable, and tumble dry safe and adjust to any existing mattress. ChiliPAD is suitable for the whole family and pets too!


  • Dual heating and cooling system
  • 90-day returns 
  • Automatically shuts off when water levels are low
  • Machine-washable mattress pad
  • Remote control included

ChiliPAD sleep system uses the water’s natural thermal advantages to create the ideal sleep temperature. Water circulates through silicone tubes positioned through the pad to ensure equal temperature through the mattress, while blankets serve as temperature trapping insulation. The wide temperature range from 55℉ up to 115℉ helps you find your preferred sleeping temperature.

ChiliPAD is energy efficient and turns off after 10 hours of continuous work or when the water level is low. The water tank requires filtered or distilled water, while the pad is machine washable with the brand’s solution. This unit is on the noisier side, producing a sound of 51dB to 56dB at a one-foot distance.

Pros and Cons of the chiliPAD Sleep System:


  • Coming in at 90 days, the chiliPAD offers a very generous trial period.
  • Its wide temperature range is great for those that need temperature variability.
  • Poly-cotton mattress pad can be washed in the machine and tumble dried.
  • Remote control is handy during the night.


  • Care and maintenance can be cumbersome as it’s a water-driven system.
  • Like the BedJet, it’s pretty costly.

ChiliPAD comes with great features, but at a steep price and high maintenance effort, so we suggest using the 90-day trial before deciding.

3. Mattress Cooling Pad Alternative – Mattress Cooler Classic

Mattress Cooler Classic

Mattress Cooler Classic is a whisper-quiet PVC Vinyl pad that’s budget-friendly and flexible to fit any bed. With only a gallon of water, you get a whole night of cool sleep. It’s easy to rotate so that it can chill your sleep partner too.


  • Cooling system only
  • Dual fan and water-driven cooling
  • Comes with remote control
  • 30-day trial

If you have trouble splurging on a cooling bed system, Mattress Cooler Classic is a great affordable option. It’s best for hot sleepers since it offers only a cooling option. It’s a water-based system requiring frequent maintenance like draining the tank and using bleach to clean the tubes. Mattress Cooler Classic is an excellent choice for light sleepers since it emits a sound of up to 40dB.

The cooling pad’s lifespan is 4 to 6 months, so you must budget for a replacement at least twice per year. Unfortunately, some users complain about the system’s quality and the pad leaking and soaking their bed.

Pros and Cons of the Mattress Cooler Classic:


  • Lower price point makes it much more affordable than other units.
  • Runs cold. Placed horizontally, the pad can cool 2 people.
  • Runs quieter compared to other cooling systems.


  • The mattress pad needs to be replaced every 4-6 months.
  • Some customers have complained about leaks from the mattress pad.

You don’t have to splurge to enjoy perspiration-free sleep; Mattress Cooler Classic is reasonably priced, operates quiet, and saves energy.

4. Affordable Under Sheet Fan – bFan®


bFan is a cooling-only, discrete, and ultra-quiet bed fan that goes under your top sheet to eliminate sweaty nights. It’s easy to assemble and comes with a simplistic remote control to shift between three fan speeds for ultimate cool-off.


  • Cooling system only
  • 30-day trial
  • 3 fan settings
  • 2 adjustable height options to choose from
  • Comes with a remote control

If you want a fan cooling system but don’t fancy the high priced units, bFan comes as a great BedJet alternative. It’s a high powered bed fan with two adjustable heights that goes between your mattress and your blanket to keep you cool and comfortable the whole night. Little to no maintenance is required and comes at a competitive price. 

The bFan is made of sturdy plastic that doesn’t discolor or break easily and a 10-year motor warranty. The airflow travels the path of least resistance, so if you place bFan on your side, your sleeping partner won’t feel the benefits.

Pros and Cons of the bFan®:


  • One of the more affordable cooling systems available.
  • Sturdy unit with decent built-quality. The owner places a lot of pride in the manufacturing process.
  • Power consumption is very low.
  • Made in the USA.


  • The air outlet has to sit perfectly over the mattress. Picking the unit with the right height to match your mattress is important
  • No warming functionality but acceptable at current price point.

Get the BedJet experience at less than half the price with bFan. It’s made in the USA and offers a 30 day trial period.

Choosing the Best Bed Cooling System

Cooling or Cooling AND Heating?

Night sweats are the main reason you’d look for a cooling system, so understandably you opt for cooling-only bed systems. They’re moderately priced and attend directly to your needs. But for those who prefer versatility, dual option bed systems are better.

Dual functionality bed systems have a temperature range that will also keep you warm during cold winter nights. A cooling bed system focuses on keeping the temperature lower, while the cooling and heating system is flexible and can provide a temperature of 60℉ to 115℉. The price point of cooling and heating bed systems is significantly higher, but they’re suitable for year-round use.

How Much Maintenance?

Some bed cooling systems require more upkeep than others. Choose wisely depending on how much time and money you plan on investing in cooling system maintenance. Cooling systems with fans require the least maintenance. You’d need to wipe clean the fan periodically and replace the filter if necessary.

Water-based cooling systems require higher maintenance effort, such as running a cleaning program or refilling the water tank with distilled water every couple of days. To prevent mold growth inside the tubes, they need to be drained periodically and cleaned with bleach or other antiseptic solutions. It would help if you used the right cleaning solution dose cause it can damage the cooling system.

What’s Its Noise Rating?

We’re buying cooling bed systems to help us sleep better; they can’t be loud and interfere with our sleep in that way. Considering how these bed systems work, cooling water and then transferring it, they can be louder than an air conditioning unit. Light sleepers get trapped between choosing sweaty or sleepless nights. 

You’d be glad to know that most high-quality cooling systems produce noise equal to white noise machines. The sound can range from 28 dB to 56 dB. Your cooling system can emit noise from a whisper level to an average conversation level.

What’s Its Temperature Range?

Whether your cooling bed system is dual function or cooling only, there is a different temperature range. Cooling bed systems promise to keep your bed either 7℉ to 12℉ lower than room temperature or 55°F as the lowest temperature. If you’re not a strict cool sleeper, you’d want to go with dual functionality due to the more extensive temperature setting range. The dual functionality system’s temperature range is more compliant, with 55℉ to 115℉; indicating you can sleep cool, average, or warm depending on the season or preference.

The Cleveland Clinic recommends maintaining a bedroom temperature of 60℉ to 67℉ for optimal sleeping conditions. Whichever cooling system you end up choosing, make sure it can at least hit that range!


What is the Best Overall Mattress Cooling System?

Undoubtedly, Bed Jet V3 dominates the list because it’s made with the customer in mind. It’s a quality constructed mattress cooling system that fits around any bed in your home. The winning factor is the minimal maintenance needed. Long gone are the days when you had to buy distilled water and drain tubes each weekend for your mattress cooling system to keep working correctly. 

It’s an expensive appliance, but you can’t put a price on good sleep. BedJet V3 comes with a remote control that doesn’t require Bluetooth, a smartphone app, and it’s Smarthome compatible with an included WiFi chip. The biorhythm technology regulates the sleep temperature through the night for you and wakes you up refreshed. Dual functionality comes excellent in winter, no need to heat the whole bedroom; simply turn on the Bed Jet V3 and join your warm bed.