Best Mattress for Sciatica: 4 Things to Know Before You Buy!

Ahh…sciatica, your old nemesis is back with a vengeance. Its pulsing, radiating pain is not quite enough to scream bloody murder but enough to cause a lot of discomfort at night. Sciatica can feel worse in bed when the inflamed nerve is compressed during sleep. And the cause of this compression? It’s probably your mattress. So if you haven’t thought of it already, it’s time to get yourself a new mattress for sciatica that will ease the pain once and for all.

Runner Up

Casper Wave Hybrid


Zen Haven

Runner Up

Dream Cloud Premier

Sciatic nerve pain worsens when your mattress lacks support. A sagging mattress or one that is too soft throws your spine out of alignment and compresses your nerves along the way. Equally problematic are mattresses that are too firm. These types of mattresses don’t provide adequate pressure relief, which amplifies your aches. The best mattress for sciatica would evenly distribute your body weight and take any pressure off your lower back.

Best Sciatica Mattresses Reviewed

  1. Best Overall Mattress for Sciatica – Zen Haven   »
  2. Best Hybrid Mattress for Sciatica – Casper Wave   »
  3. Best Memory Foam Mattress for Sciatica – Dream Cloud Premier   »
  4. Most Affordable Mattress for Sciatica – Nectar Memory Foam   »
  5. Most Supportive Mattress for Sciatica – Awara Latex Hybrid   »
  6. Soft Mattress for Sciatica Sufferers – Layla Memory Foam   »

How to Choose the Best Mattress for Sciatica

Purchasing a new mattress for sciatica can be a daunting task to some. Knowing what can ease or worsen your sciatic pain is challenging. To simplify your buying process, we came up with 4 important considerations that’ll help you pick the best mattress for sciatica.

  1. Mattress Support

    A supportive mattress can help ease your spine into a neutral position and distribute your body weight evenly.

  2. Pressure Relief

    To alleviate sciatic pain, the mattress should be constructed with zones or layers that relieve pressure from your spine & joints.

  3. Firmness Rating

    Sleepers suffering from sciatica should opt for a mattress with mid to firm rating as it helps align the spine.

  4. Trial Period

    How comfortable a mattress is varies by the individual. A long trial period let’s you decide if the mattress is right for you.

Top 6 Sciatica Mattresses Compared

BrandFirmnessSupport LayerComfort LayerTrial PeriodPrice
Best Mattress for Sciatica
Zen Haven by Saatva
2 firmness options:
Medium Soft 4.5/10
Medium Firm 7.5/10
Latex coreComfort layer consists of soft latex with 5 zones of different density180-night trial
Best Hybrid Mattress for Sciatica
Casper Wave Hybrid
6/10 (Medium)6″ pocket coilsPoly foam & natural latex comfort layers100-night trial
Best Memory Foam Mattress for Sciatica
Dream Cloud Premier
6.5/10 (Medium-Firm)8″ pocket coilsEuro top & gel memory foam365-night trial
Most Affordable Mattress for Sciatica
Nectar Memory Foam
6.5/10 (Medium-Firm)High density base foamGel memory foam & memory foam365-night trial
Most Supportive Mattress for Sciatica
Awara Latex Hybrid
6.5/10 (Medium-Firm)9″ pocket coilsNatural latex foam & euro top comfort layers365-night trial
Layla Memory Foam Mattress
Layla Memory Foam Mattress
2 firmness options:
Soft 4/10
Medium Firm 7.5/10
High density base foamMemory foam120-night trial

Sciatica Mattresses Reviewed

1. Best Overall Mattress for Sciatica – Zen Haven

Zen Haven

Saatva Zen Haven mattress is made from Talalay latex and GOTS certified wool, with 5 zones of density for maximum pressure relief and lumbar support. Proven to be the best mattress for sciatica – it’s hypoallergenic and flippable, with two different firmness levels.


  • 100% natural Talalay latex, organic cotton, and New Zealand wool
  • 5-zone latex comfort layer and latex support core
  • Flip the mattress to test 2 firmness options. 
  • Certified organic & hypoallergenic
  • Made in USA

Doubtful about what firmness level to get? Get yourself a Saatva Zenhaven mattress. It’s great for combination, back and stomach sleepers, featuring a Luxury Plush firmness on one side and Gentle Firm on the other side. Latex is a heavy material so Saatva offers to flip your mattress for you, anytime!

The organic cotton cover, New Zealand wool, and Oeko-Tex certified latex all contribute to making this mattress antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and ensure cool sleep. It’s the best sciatica mattress for average and petite sleepers with a 20 years warranty period. The 5 different density zones cater to your sciatica by alleviating pressure and keeping your spine aligned.

Pros and Cons of the Zen Haven Mattress:


  • Built with 5 comfort zones, each with its own customized density. This helps reduce pressure points while supporting different parts of the body.
  • Cell-like structure of latex allows maximum airflow. Great feature for those who like to sleep cool.
  • Not sure if you like medium-firm or medium-soft feel? Just flip the mattress to test drive the firmness levels right for you.
  • If you’re into an all-natural, healthy, and sustainable mattress, this is the one for you.


  • Latex mattresses are heavier and more difficult to move around compared to foam and hybrid versions. If you’re suffering from severe sciatica, take advantage of the white-glove delivery.

Interested in why Zenhaven is the best mattress for sciatica? Experience it for yourself – with a 180 nights trial period; you’ll be more than persuaded!

2. Best Hybrid Mattress for Sciatica – Casper Wave

Casper Wave

Casper Wave Hybrid is a combination of breathable polyurethane foam, memory foam, latex, supportive gel pods, and encased springs, all working on the goal of relieving pressure and keeping your spine aligned. Designed to keep you cool and comfortable.


  • Hybrid mattress built with natural latex, polyfoam, and encased springs
  • 6” pocket coils and 3 memory foam comfort zones 
  • Supportive gel pods to keep the spine aligned
  • Cover made from recycled bottles
  • Endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association

Let’s give you a quick Casper Wave hybrid review. If you’re a side sleeper with sciatica, this is the ideal luxury mattress for you, approved even by the American Chiropractic Association. Made with cooling foam, natural latex, zoned memory foam, supportive gel pods, and resilient springs layer. 

Each layer is created to add additional support, allow airflow, and provide full-body relief. No matter the position you choose, the gel pods will ensure correct spine alignment. Sciatic pain will stay in the past with the Casper Wave hybrid. This bouncy, medium-firm mattress has reinforced edges and comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

Pros and Cons of the Casper Wave Mattress:


  • The Wave Hybrid is one of few mattresses that have won the endorsement of the American Chiropractic Association.
  • 3 comfort zones and gel pods for pressure relief and spinal alignment.
  • Natural latex in the comfort layer and cooling gel in the top layer works well for hot sleepers.
  • If you sleep near the edge, the Wave’s encasement around the springs provides solid edge support.


  • The Wave Hybrid comes at a more expensive price point that may be out of reach for some. We think the quality and design behind it is well worth the cost.
  • Shorter than most trial periods at 100 nights.

Get the support you need most with the Casper Wave hybrid mattress, ideal for the average combo sleeper. Don’t hesitate – it comes with a 100 nights trial period!

3. Best Memory Foam Mattress for Sciatica – Dream Cloud Premier

Dream Cloud Premier

Dream Cloud Premier is a medium-firm mattress made of high-loft, point-activated, low motion transfer memory foam and individually encased coils, finished with a cashmere blend cover. It dominates the list as the best memory foam mattress for sciatica by ensuring pleasurable and pain-free sleep.


  • Mongolian cashmere, memory foam, high-density foam, and coils
  • 8” pocket coils and motion isolation foam layer
  • Highloft euro-top 
  • CertiPUR-US certified

Dream Cloud Premier is the perfect memory foam mattress for sciatica sufferers who sleep on their back or side. The Eurotop layer adapts to your body, offering a sinking feeling that relieves pressure while the coil system supports the lumbar area. It’s ideal for couples since the motion transfer is very low. At the bottom of the mattress, there’s a layer of base foam that redistributes vibrations from the coil system.

The edge support is not great, and the mattress is relatively high – if you have severe sciatica pain, going to bed might be a challenge with the Dream Cloud Premiere.

Pros and Cons of the Dream Cloud Premier Mattress:


  • Memory foam euro-top feels luxurious like you’re sleeping in a cloud.
  • Euro-top sufficiently cradles the body while high-density gel memory foam relieves pressure from joints.
  • Cashmere, porous foam, and coils ensure maximum airflow.
  • Generous 365-night trial period if it doesn’t feel right.


  • At 15”, the Dream Cloud Premier is higher than the average mattress. If you’re having trouble getting in and out of bed or have a box spring, this may not be right.

Dream Cloud Premier mattress is a mix of durability, comfort, and support, and it now comes with an incredible 365 night trial period!

4. Most Affordable Mattress for Sciatica – Nectar Memory Foam

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

Nectar Memory Foam mattress is a medium-firm mattress catering to sciatica sufferers at a below-average price point. Made from adaptive memory foam that cuddles your body, offers pressure relief, and keeps your spine aligned. Recommended for those on the heavier side.


  • Tencel blend cover, gel memory foam, and high-density base foam
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Memory and adaptive foam layers
  • 11-inch mattress heigh

Comfort doesn’t need to cost a fortune, and the Nectar Memory Foam mattress is a great example. It works best for stomach and back sleepers with a weight greater than 230lb, that prefer contouring and cradling mattresses. You get the feeling of sleeping “in” the mattress. The top layer is made from quilted memory foam, while the support layer is high-density memory foam. The Tencel lyocell and cotton cover is cooling, breathable, easy to detach, and machine-washable.

Motion isolation comes at a high level, while edge support is pretty low. Lightweight sleepers with sciatica might not benefit significantly from the Nectar Memory Foam mattress.

Pros and Cons of the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress:


  • Great memory foam mattress at an affordable price point.
  • Gel memory foam and adaptive transition layer really help relieve pressure.
  • If you enjoy the cradling feel of memory foam, the quilted cover and memory comfort layer is a dream.
  • Tencel cover sleeps cool and wicks heat away.


  • To no fault of the manufacturer, it’s worth noting that this may not be so great if you’re not a fan of being cushioned by the mattress

An affordable mattress that caters to your sciatic pain while offering a 365 days trial and a Forever Warranty. Is there more? They also donate or recycle any unwanted mattresses!

5. Most Supportive Mattress for Sciatica – Awara Latex Hybrid

Awara Latex Hybrid Mattress

Awara Latex Hybrid mattress is a combination of cooling Dunlop latex and premium pocketed coils, offering generous support without a sinking feeling. The plush Euro Top is made with New Zealand wool and organic cotton, serving as a great temperature regulator.


  • Certified 100% Organic Wool, cotton, spring coils, and Dunlop latex
  • 9” of premium pocket coils and 4” latex comfort foam
  • Mattress height: 13”
  • No poly foams, no toxic flame retardant, and no lead

Latex mattresses are excellent, but hybrids offer even more benefits for keeping sciatica pain away. The Awara latex hybrid mattress features a supporting 9” innerspring core topped with a comfort layer of sustainably sourced latex. The top layer is a pillow-top blend of wool and cotton. Four reinforced handles are added for easier mattress maneuvering. Overall it’s rated as medium-firm with average motion transfer.

Suitable for every kind of sleeper that prefers sleeping “on” instead of “in” the bed. Awara promotes correct spinal alignment and above-average pressure relief. The edges are strengthened, making sleeping near the end of the bed satisfactory.

Pros and Cons of the Awara Latex Hybrid Mattress:


  • Organic mattress using materials free from harmful chemicals.
  • Individually wrapped coils provide firm support while 4” Dunlop latex foam relieves pressure.
  • Breathable cotton, porous latex, and heat wicking organic wool keep the sleeper cool.
  • 365-night trial period.


  • Takes a while to get used to as the mattress does sleep a bit firm.

If you’re looking for a hybrid, get yourself the Awara Hybrid latex mattress with a 365 nights trial period and a Forever Warranty for as long as you own it!

6. Softest Mattress for Sciatica Sufferers – Layla Memory Foam

Layla Memory Foam Mattress

Layla memory foam mattress offers support and pressure point relief for side sleepers. It’s made of copper-gel, air-flow support foam, and support core foam, with minimal bounce and limited motion transfer. It’s flippable, so you get two different firmness levels.


  • Flippable mattress with 2 firmness options
  • 4” high-density foam core and 3” gel memory foam comfort layer
  • Copper-infused memory foam
  • Comes with 2 free memory foam, pillows, and mattress protector
  • Made in USA

Layla memory foam mattress is an all-foam mattress suitable for a wide range of sleepers since the firmness level is adjustable. It’s flippable; one side has medium-plush firmness while the other is medium-firm. The mattress’s support core is a 4″ memory foam topped with cooling foam with support for deep pressure areas and no motion transfer. 

The soft side is perfect for side sleepers since it offers a hugging feeling, while the firmer side is excellent for back and stomach sleepers that avoid sinking. The cooper-gel foam keeps the mattress cool the whole night. As with every all-foam mattress, edge support is lacking on both sides.

Pros and Cons of the Layla Memory Foam Mattress:


  • With so many freebies within an already affordable price point, Layla Memory Foam mattress comes at a great value.
  • Choose between medium-firm or medium-soft firmness levels just by flipping the mattress.
  • All foam construction helps cradle the body for those who need additional pressure relief.
  • Copper-infused components cool the body and are antimicrobial.


  • At 120 nights, its trial period comes shorter than most mattresses covered here. We believe 4 months is an adequate time frame to test drive any mattress.

Don’t change your favorite sleeping position- change your mattress! Layla Mattress offers sciatica pain relief no matter what side you sleep on! Try it out now for 120 nights!

Choosing the Best Mattress for Sciatica

Mattress Support

The perfect mattress for alleviating sciatic pain needs to offer more support to your posture than any other mattress. It has to support the spinal alignment by evenly distributing your body weight. 

An older or a plush mattress tends to sink when you lie down. This puts your spine in an unnatural position and puts pressure on your sciatic nerve. If you sleep near the edge of the bed, choose a mattress with sturdy edges that won’t sag.

Pressure Relief

A good sciatica mattress needs to come with an additional pillow top or a memory foam top layer. Both materials provide comfort, cushion, and conform to your body. If the foundation mattress is too firm, a conforming top layer is a significant upgrade that will help relieve pressure in your spine and joints.

For even bodyweight distribution, look for a latex comfort layer. Latex is naturally firm and has a light motion transition.

Firmness Rating

When you fall asleep, your whole body loosens, including the muscles which support the spine. Your spine relies on your sleeping surface for additional support to stay in the neutral position. That’s why mattress’ firmness is one of the most important criteria.

Firm and medium-firm mattresses are the best firmness levels that offer support, pressure relief, and won’t cause sciatic pain. A softer mattress can put your spine out of alignment and trigger the sciatic nerve.

Trial Period

Getting at least seven hours of pain-free sleep might seem impossible without the right mattress. It would be amazing to find the one on the first try, but it’s not that easy. Two people with sciatica can benefit from two totally different mattresses. Look for one with an extended trial period so you can test it out longer. This helps you get acquainted with the mattress and determine if it’s a keeper.


Can my bed give me sciatica?

It’s almost impossible for your bed to give you sciatica, but it can worsen it. An uncomfortable sleeping surface can make your sciatica symptoms more severe. If you keep on waking up in pain or have trouble finding a painless position to sleep, your mattress is to blame. There are other causes of back pain, like bad posture, trauma, or muscle strain.

You can learn more about how to sleep with sciatica here.

What type of mattress is best for sciatica?

The type of mattress depends on the type of sleeper, their weight, pain level, and past injuries. In general, these are the three types of mattresses that are the best for sciatica.

Memory foam mattress
Memory foam conforms to your body, it’s made from polyurethane, and it’s known for its viscosity. These mattresses consist of open cells that allow air to pass through.

Latex mattress
Latex has a cell-like structure that helps cushion your body and relieves pressure. The material is pliable and buoyant and provides additional support and less sinkage. Latex, especially natural, is a long-lasting material.