Best Red Night Light for Falling Asleep: Ultimate Guide

When we think of night lights, the first thing that comes to mind are lights for nurseries and kids’ bedrooms. But did you know that over the years, night lights, in particular, red lights have surged in popularity among adults? Why is that? The answer is pretty practical. Using a red night light before bed eases the body into a state of relaxation and helps us fall asleep faster.

Runner Up

Hatch Restore


Philips Smart Sleep HF3670

Runner Up

Casper Glow Light

From computer to mobile phone screens, the average adult is exposed to artificial light at all given times of the day. The blue light emitted from devices can suppress melatonin production, keeping us awake longer. Research has shown that using light in the amber to red spectrum can restore our natural sleep cadence. It’s believed that its low color temperature mimics the sunset, signaling our bodies to relax and get some sleep. When used before bedtime, a red light night can be a very effective sleep aid.

Best Red Night Lights For Falling Asleep

  1. Best Red Night Light for Falling Asleep – Philips Smart Sleep HF3670 »
  2. Best Sleep & Wake Up Light – Hatch Restore Light   »
  3. Portable Night Light – Casper Glow Light   »
  4. Best Red Light and Daylight Lamp – SomniLight   »
  5. Budget Sleep Lamp – LE LampUX   »

How To Pick the Best Red Night Light

With such a huge benefit to sleep health, red lights are fast becoming a must-have tool for those looking to improve their sleep. If you are considering a red night light for yourself or for someone else, make sure you check for these criteria before purchasing.

  1. Color Temperature

    It’s not enough just to pick a red light bulb. Make sure the lamp has a lower color temperature with no bluish hues.

  2. Wake-Up Light

    While it isn’t compulsory, pick a sleep light with wake-up light functionality. Trust us, your body will thank you for it!

  3. Timer/ Auto-Off

    As you start to drift into sleep, you wouldn’t want to have to wake up and fumble around to turn off your night light.

  4. Other Bells & Whistles

    Some sleep lamps also feature Google Home or Alexa connectivity, meditation programs, and custom soundscapes.

Top 5 Red Light Sleep Lamps Compared

Now that we have an idea of the criteria that matter when choosing a red light sleep lamp, let’s see how the top brands stack up against each other.

BrandAmber Light ColorAutomatically Turns Off?WakeUp ModePrice
Philips Smart Sleep HF3670
Philips Smart Sleep HF3670
1500 – 2800K color temperatureGradually dims & turns off automaticallySunrise simulation with soundscapes
Hatch Restore
Hatch Restore
Exact color temperature not available. Night light color customized using app.Sunset simulation & light powers off automaticallySunrise simulation with soundscapes
Casper Glow Light
Casper Glow Light
2700K color temperatureGradually dims & turns off automaticallySunrise simulation
SomniLight Night & Day Lamp
SomniLight Night & Day Lamp
592 nM or < 2000K color temperaturePress switch to turn light offDaylight mode
2000K color temperatureTurns off automatically but not graduallyDaylight mode

The Best Red Night Lights Reviewed

1. Best Red Night Light for Falling Asleep – Philips HF3670

Philips Smart Sleep and Wake-Up Light HF3670

Philips Smart Sleep provides you with a plethora of features beyond just light to help you fall asleep smoothly and wake up energetic. It’s equipped with app-enabled customization of sunset and sunrise, a breathing program, an AmbiTrack sensor, and much more.


  • Sunset and sunrise simulation
  • Guided wind-down programs
  • 25 brightness settings
  • 7 wake-up sounds
  • Comes with mobile phone charging
  • 2-year warranty

With a 1500K to 2800K color temperature Philips Smart Sleep is excellent for regulating your sleep cycle. You can customize your sunset and sunrise lighting with five different colors, use the RelaxBreathe feature to unwind, or listen to your favorite music before falling asleep. The built-in alarm clock features a snooze button that allows you to squeeze in some extra minutes in the morning. 

The AmbiTracker measures the noise, light, humidity, and temperature in the bedroom, ensuring a perfect sleep environment. No need to turn on the eye-straining lights at night; the soft midnight light will help you find your way out of the bedroom.

Pros and Cons of the Philips Smart Sleep and Wake-Up Light HF3670:


  • Red light gradually dims and automatically turns off.
  • In addition to amber and red lights, Philips Smart Sleep packs a tonne of sleep features like breathing exercises.
  • Don’t wake up abruptly. Rise to slow brightening lights and birds chirping!
  • We like that you don’t have to connect it to WiFi or BlueTooth to have it work.
  • You can trust a well-known and established brand like Philips to engineer a well-made product.


  • High price point but definitely worth it!
  • Make you pick the HF3670 for the connected version. Model names are kind of confusing.

Don’t clutter your nightstand; get Philips Smart Sleep to replace every gadget you need to fall asleep and wake up, even a phone charging outlet!

2. Best Sleep & Wake-Up Light – Hatch Restore Light

Hatch Restore Light

Indulge in a personalized bedtime routine with Hatch Restore Light. Controlled with an app with several sleeping options from meditation for deep sleep, reading light, white noise, and sunrise alarm clock Hatch Restore can be your best sleep aid.


  • Sleep and wake-up light
  • Simple touch controls
  • Comes with a companion app for your smartphone
  • Huge library of soundscapes and light colors 
  • Pre-programmable sleep and wakeup routines
  • 60-day trial

Hatch Restore has you covered as soon as you decide to hit the bed. Turn on the reading light to read before bed without the need for harsh blue light. The breathing and meditation option can help you release tension and fall asleep faster and deeper. The sound library has plenty of sounds to choose from for sleeping or waking up

The sleek design of the Hatch Restore light makes it fit seamlessly on your nightstand. Set the alarm via the app, and the lamp will wake you up with a sunrise followed by your favorite sound. Beware, premium features of the app come with a monthly fee.

Pros and Cons of the Hatch Restore Light:


  • Curate your own sleep program from meditation to breathing programs.
  • Gently wake up to soft lighting and pleasant soundscapes.
  • Also comes with a white noise generator. That is one less sleep device you need to purchase.
  • Generous 60-day trial


  • You need the app to access some features. As you can imagine, it’s pretty inconvenient in the middle of the night.
  • Some of the content on the app is gated by a monthly subscription fee.

Get the sleep you deserve with a sleep lamp that offers you a 60-day trial period. Read, meditate, enjoy white noise and wake up to the sunrise with Hatch Restore.

3. Portable Night Light – Casper Glow Light

Casper Glow Light

Casper Glow Light is a portable night light made out of durable materials immune to tumbling with easy wireless charging. Featuring an app for scheduling wake-up light and a built-in gyroscope to control the brightness level with a twist.


  • Wind-down and wake-up functionality
  • Completely portable
  • Made from durable polycarbonate
  • Touch and motion controls
  • 30-day trial 
  • Comes with a companion app for more customizations

Set the perfect sleeping atmosphere anywhere you want with the Casper Glow Light. This night lamp has a 2700K color temperature and is entirely portable once charged. You can even use it as a dimed flashlight to walk around the house at night. The outer shell is made of polycarbonate, so it will resist a few falls without breaking. Glow app allows you to control and schedule sleep regimens even on a few Glow lights simultaneously.

Stumbling upon a Casper Glow light review, you’ll find the main disadvantage- there’s no sound option. If you’re a silent sleeper, this is great, but others need an additional white noise generator. 

Pros and Cons of the Casper Glow Light:


  • Once it’s charged up, it’s completely portable!
  • Loving the Glow Light’s modern design. Doesn’t take up much room on the bedside table.
  • Really cool touch and gesture controls. Twist to brighten or dim lights. Wiggle for ambient light.
  • Who doesn’t love a 30-day trial period?


  • If you were expecting to wake up to birds chirping, just note there’s no sound.
  • At its price point, we were hoping for a few more personalization features.

Get the ideal portable amber night light for you or your kids. Casper Glow Light gives you a 30 days trial to play with your preferred sleep light by a twist and wiggle.

4. Best Red Light and Daylight Lamp – SomniLight


SomniLight is a hybrid of night and day lamp with a less than 2000K color temperature for falling asleep and 6000K for waking up. The two modes have additional three levels of adjustment. The easy touch controls allow for effortless setup and managing.


  • Amber, full-spectrum, and wake-up mode
  • 6000K rated daylight lamp
  • Three brightness settings
  • Simple touch controls

If you’re looking for a flexible and budget-friendly night light, this is your pick. SomniLight’s amber evening mode features less than 2000K color temperature, ideal for reading before bed and getting ready to sleep. There is an additional red night light in the base that supports the falling asleep process.

The wake-up mode with the 6000K color temperature imitates sunrise and encourages you to wake up and stay alert. If you’re looking for a red light that also functions as a natural light lamp, this is the closest it gets. The 4-year durability of the LED bulb makes this lamp even more cost-efficient. The downside is you have to switch it on and off manually. SomniLight doesn’t dim gradually or turn off automatically.

Pros and Cons of the SomniLight:


  • Changing settings via voice commands is fantastic when you’re half asleep.
  • Playing around with different moods and colors can be very fun!
  • Small form factor that doesn’t take up a lot of space.
  • Comes at a very reasonable price point.


  • Issues connecting to WiFi and home automation systems.
  • Colors don’t fade in and out. It switches in an analog fashion, which can be a little jarring.

Having two choices in one product is excellent. If you’re not happy with the amber night light, you can always use it as a daylight lamp and vice versa.

5. Budget Sleep Lamp – LE LampUX


LE LampUX is the perfect budget sleep lamp with unlimited features. Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, with 16 million colors, two control methods, and 2000K to 5700K color temperature, this lamp is a real bargain.


  • 16 million colors!!! 
  • Touch controls
  • Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant
  • Comes with a companion app

LE LampUX gives everything a lamp triple the price does, and more! This budget sleep lamp offers you the comfort to control it via voice commands and connect it to your voice assistant and home automation system. There’s also an app to control it with your phone, and it remembers your preferred settings. By combining it with a power bank, you can transform it into a portable lamp. 

The setup and WiFi connection are straightforward, but some users reported having issues with connecting. Although the range of colors is enormous, the colors don’t fade in and out; there’s only an automatic color shift.

Pros and Cons of the LE LampUX:


  • A reasonable price point for a multifunctional red night light.
  • Powerful wake-up light at 6000K. Mimics morning light.
  • Can be used as a reading light due to its angled head.
  • LED bulb lasts for 4 years.


  • If you were expecting to wake up to birds chirping, just note there’s no sound.
  • At its price point, we were hoping for a few more personalization features.

Get the best value for your money with this versatile smart lamp. Set it and forget it or use your voice to adjust it to your preference, day or night!

Choosing The Best Red Night Light To Fall Asleep

Color Temperature

Blue light is harsh, but it helps us stay alert throughout our day. When you hit the sack, you need something soothing. Soft and warm is the best color temperature for sleep because it signals our mind and body to unwind and relax. 

When picking a red night lamp, make sure it includes a light bulb of less than 3000K color temperature. Anything above can cause insomnia. The best color temperature for sleep is around 2000K; it mimics candlelight, so it will help you reach your zen. If you’re having doubts, always go with the lamp with the lower color temperature.

sunrise-iconWake-Up Light

There’s nothing better than falling asleep smoothly and waking up naturally. Your sleep lamp can help you with both! Many sleep lamps have the additional feature of a wake-up light, a light alarm clock that simulates sunrise. The light gradually increases from 10% to 100%, from dim to bright sunlight. You get the feeling you’re waking up along with nature. 

You don’t have to join the 5 AM club to rise with the sunrise. Breaking your sleep session with a loud alarm can ruin your day, but waking up with the sunrise can fill you with calm and energy.

timer-iconTimer/ Auto-Off

There’s nothing worse than looking for the remote/switch to turn off the tv or whatever it is you’re watching before sleep. Ruining the moment you feel you’re drifting off can cost you a whole sleepless night. Anything harsh can affect your sleep, so you need a smooth transition from dim light to full darkness.

Getting a red light lamp with a timer or auto-off feature saves you the hassle of reaching out and turning it off in the middle of the night. You can customize the turn-off time, or better, pick one that dims the light gradually.

checklist-iconOther Bells & Whistles

Soft light is not the only thing a night lamp can do to help with the process of falling asleep. Many come with an app with sleep programs you can choose from or customized soundscapes. Some night lamps come as a combination of a white noise machine and a night light in one, saving you table space and money.

For the tech-savvy, there are also sleep lamps with voice commands and smart home connectivity. If you have all the other gadgets, these features might seem unnecessary. But if you’re looking to buy them separately, a lamp with all the extras is a great choice.


What Colors Make You Sleepy?

Red and amber lights are confirmed to be the most beneficial sleep colors. At a color temperature of around 2000K, both produce a dim glow. Additionally, exposure to red light reduces the risk of depression and treats insomnia. These colors further mimic sunset, allowing your body to produce melatonin, the hormone responsible for regulating sleep. Red night light can also help you wake up alert and ready to start the day.