Best Organic Weighted Blanket (2021) – The Results Are In!

As the stresses of everyday life take over, anxiety and sleep disorders have become more prevalent in our lives. It comes as no surprise that more people are seeking out weighted blankets for their calming and therapeutic effects. Organic blankets are the best-in-class, rare, and the most sought after of them all. This comprehensive guide will walk you through choosing an organic weighted blanket that’s right for you!

There are so many reasons why weighted blankets are beneficial to our well-being. Weighted blankets work similarly to deep pressure therapy to calm the nervous system. Children and adults with ADHD, chronic pain,  sleep disorders, and anxiety can benefit from its therapeutic effects. Organic weighted blankets combine all these benefits with the added bonus of a healthy and chemical-free experience.

Best Organic Weighted Blanket List

  1. Best Organic Weighted Blanket – Bearaby   »
  2. Best Organic Cotton Blanket – Saatva   »
  3. Best Cooling Weighted Blanket – TruHugs Organic Hemp   »
  4. Best Hypoallergenic Weighted Blanket – GnO   »
  5. Most Affordable – Luna Cotton Weighted Blanket   »

How to Choose the Right Blanket for You

We analyzed 30+ products from different manufacturers to bring you the top 5 products in this guide. In addition to reviewing each one, we’ll show you how exactly to pick the best weighted blanket for your needs. Let’s dive right in.

  1. Cover Material

    If you’re looking to purchase an organically-made product, you would expect the cover to be made with organic materials.

  2. Fill Material

    In the same vein, avoid blankets with plastic pallets, inorganic materials, and poor stitching that result in an uneven fill.

  3. Certifications

    Having the right kind of certification ensures your weighted blanket is organically produced and made with safe materials.

  4. Blanket Weight

    Consider blanket sizing and weight before your purchase. A blanket that’s too heavy or large can impact your sleep negatively.

Top 5 Blankets Compared

BrandCover MaterialFill MaterialCertification(s)Available WeightPrice
Bearaby Weighted Blanket
Bearaby Weighted Blanket
100% Organic Cotton VelvetNo fillingGOTS
OEKO-Tex 100 Certified
15 – 25 lbs
Weighted Blanket by Saatva
Weighted Blanket by Saatva
100% Organic CottonGlass beads fillerGOTS Certified15 – 25 lbs
truHugs Organic Hemp Blanket
truHugs Organic Hemp Blanket
Organic Hemp & CottonSoybean & micropolyester fillGOTS Certified15 – 30 lbs
GnO Premium Weighted Blanket
GnO Premium Weighted Blanket
100% Organic CottonGlass beadsOeko-Tex 100 Certified15 – 30 lbs
Luna Cotton Weighted Blanket
Luna Cotton Weighted Blanket
100% CottonGlass beads fillerOeko-Tex 100 Certified15 – 30 lbs

Weighted Blanket Reviews

1. Best Organic Weighted Blanket – Bearaby

Bearaby Weighted Blanket:

Bearaby weighted blanket is filler-free, with a breathable cotton cover and aesthetically pleasing design. Comfortable for year-round use with GOTS, Oeko-Tex, and BCI certificates, this organic chunky knit blanket is at the top of the weighted blankets list.


  • No filler. Organic cotton braids give it weight.
  • Hand-woven
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping
  • Machine washable

Bearaby weighted blanket is a mix of great quality and design and ensures a fantastic user experience. Due to the chunky soft cotton braids, no other filler is needed to build the weight. The result is a perfect, evenly distributed blanket! It’s machine washable, so it saves you the cost of dry cleaning and buying covers.

Available in three weights of 15 lbs, 20 lbs, and 25 lbs and various colors, it’s easy to fit this weighted blanket in your living room decor. You don’t have to rely on a Bearaby blanket review. Just test it out for free for 30 days and return it if it doesn’t match your expectations.

Pros and Cons of the Bearaby Weighted Blanket:


  • Innovative hand-knitting process means no fill material is required.
  • Weight is evenly distributed as there’s no filler!
  • The woven design makes for better air circulation so you won’t run hot.
  • Modern and stylish look. Comes with many color variations so you can match it with your bedding.


  • The ability to wash your weighted blanket in a machine can be a blessing. But in the case of Bearaby, it can take up to several cycles on low heat to completely dry off.

Get your hands on a modern weighted blanket that can serve as sleep support and room decor. Throw it in the dust bag and take it wherever you go!

2. Best Organic Cotton Blanket – Saatva

Saatva Weighted Blanket:

Get the smoothest feel with this velvet cotton weighted blanket. Saatva features an organic velvet cotton cover, glass beads filler, and diamond quilting that ensures equal weight distribution and no shifting. Not only is it cozy, but it’s  GOTS and Fair Trade Certified.


  • Diamond quilting for even fill
  • 45-day trial period
  • Free shipping
  • Dry clean only

Saatva is a luxurious weighted blanket available in two colors and 15 lbs and 25 lbs sizes. The cover material is organic velvet cotton, which is soft to the touch and gives a pleasant feel when wrapped around you. The filling is natural glass beads that provide gentle but deep pressure stimulation. 

To prove their quality to you and diminish your doubts, Saatva offers free shipping and a trial period. You can enjoy the velvet blanket for 45 days before deciding if it suits your needs. The only downsides of this organic cotton weighted blanket are the obligatory dry-cleaning and steep price.

Pros and Cons of the Saatva Weighted Blanket:


  • Generous 45-day return period.
  • Its fabric looks almost like crushed velvet so it has a luxurious look to it.
  • Soft and plush feel.
  • Ethically manufactured. Made in Fair Trade Certified™ factories.


  • Lack of sizes and weight options.
  • High base price and a higher price point for large size.

Get your Saatva weighted blanket and treat yourself to a deep pressure stimulation in a luxurious velvet hug at the end of each day.

3. Best Cooling Weighted Blanket – TruHugs Organic Hemp

TruHugs Organic Hemp Blanket

TruHugs weighted blankets are cooling GOTS certified comforters designed to ensure sufficient deep pressure with soybeans and micro-polyester filler. You can choose your preferred level of pressure out of the three different sizes and add an organic hemp or bamboo cover.


  • Innovative quilting made to contour to your body
  • Breathable fabrics and weaves
  • Free shipping
  • 30-day returns
  • Cooling hemp or bamboo cover (sold separately)

TruHugs offers you a fully sustainable weighted blanket with minimalistic design and high functionality. Lots of versatility when it comes to sizes, it’s available for twin, full, and queen size beds with a weight of 15 lbs, 23 lbs, and 30lbs. The filler is a unique combination of soybean and recycled micro-polyester, making it lean and easy to store. 

TruHugs weighted blankets are perfect for those who sweat during the night due to anxiety, menopause, or other uncomfortable weighted blankets. With removable cooling bamboo or hemp cover and increased air circulation, you’ll never wake up drenched in sweat. A cooling weighted blanket is a rarity, so it’s worth the higher price point.

Pros and Cons of the TruHugs Organic Hemp Blanket:


  • Horizontal wave quilting makes it feel like you’re getting a nice tight hug across your body.
  • Gaps and weaves are made to wick off heat in the hot weather and insulate when cold.
  • From COATS threads to precision quilting, you feel and see thoughtful execution at play.
  • Minimalistic and stylish look.


  • High price point but worth it for the quality you’re getting.

TruHugs weighted blanket supports your busy lifestyle – it’s machine washable and dryer safe, easy to store, and ultimately sustainable, with a hassle-free return after the 30 days trial period.

4. Best Hypoallergenic Weighted Blanket – GnO

GnO Weighted Blanket

GnO is a hypoallergenic weighted blanket with a silky smooth feel made of 100% organic cotton. Micro glass beads filler is sewn in individual sections for even distribution, maximum comfort, and no shifting. GnO comes with a bamboo cover and a carrying bag.


  • 400 thread count organic cotton
  • Comes included with bamboo lyocell cover
  • Also comes with carrying bag
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Allergies don’t have to stop you from getting a restful sleep with a weighted blanket. GnO is a silky and cooling weighted blanket that is naturally hypoallergenic due to the cotton and bamboo covers and glass beads filler. Excellent for year-round use, the breathable fabric keeps you cool in the summer and warm in winter.

Available in various colors and seven weight sizes, you won’t be short on options for you or your children. The 7 lbs size is perfect for the young, while grown-ups can go up to 30 lbs. Sadly the blanket is not washable; only the bamboo cover can be machine washed.

Pros and Cons of the GnO Weighted Blanket:


  • Bamboo cover comes included. That’s a good chunk of savings if you’re planning on getting one separately!
  • Bamboo lyocell is naturally hypoallergenic so this is great news for people with sensitivities.
  • We appreciate the different size and weight options GnO offers. No need to round up or round down on weights here.
  • Not exactly the cheapest but it’s very affordable for an organic blanket.


  • Weights tend to shift around a bit. Some adjustments required throughout the night if you need that contouring feel.

Get a weighted blanket you can spend your life with! With a lifetime money-back guarantee, you can be sure you’re getting the best product on the market.

5. Most Affordable – Luna Cotton Weighted Blanket

Luna Cotton Weighted Blanket

Luna is an innovative and affordable organic blanket with micro glass beads sewn into the fabric for even pressure. It’s soft and breathable, with an additional removable cover available. Luna comes with hassle-free maintenance – just throw it in the washer.


  • Constructed with air channels for breathability
  • Machine washable
  • Various sizes, weights, and patterns

Weighted blankets, mainly organic, can break the bank. Luna is the best affordable weighted blanket you can get with easy maintenance and inexpensive additional covers. It’s made out of 100% Oeko-Tex certified cotton that’s safe even for babies. The patent layer construction allows for optimal airflow that keeps you cool and relaxed during your sleep.

Available in eight different weights varying from 10 lbs to 30 lbs and twenty different patterns suitable for kids and adults. Tossing and turning won’t affect the blanket’s weight distribution due to the pocket sewing. Luna weighted blanket is machine washable on a gentle cycle and can be tumble dried on low heat.

Pros and Cons of the Luna Cotton Weighted Blanket:


  • Comes at the lowest price point we found.
  • Breathable cotton fabric sleeps cool at night.
  • Lots of sizes and weight options to choose from.
  • Lots of colours and patterns as well.


  • We were confused by the description mentioning poly beads and then another describing glass beads. Overall it’s Oeko-TEX Certified, but if you absolutely need an organic blanket, this might not be the one for you.

Having doubts about the effects of a weighted blanket? Start with Luna as a budget-friendly alternative. The cover choices help you seamlessly blend in the weighted blanket any place!

Important Buying Criteria

Materials-IconCover Material

It’s essential to look for a pleasant, durable, high-quality cover material because you don’t want to be fitting a duvet cover on a weighted blanket. Cotton is the most common material used in covers; it’s sustainable and easy to source. Hemp and bamboo are also great organic choices, often blended.

Organic blankets use materials from sustainable sources, so you can’t go wrong with either cotton, hemp, or bamboo. They each have similar properties, 100% natural, breathable, and fantastic feel. If you suffer from allergies, look for covers made with bamboo since it’s the most hypoallergenic of them all.

Inside-Material-IconFill Material

Weighted blankets use filler materials to reach the desired weight and the promised effect. Organic blanket manufacturers don’t use poly-pellets or steel beads but commit to natural materials  like sand, grains, beans, and glass beads.

Glass beads are environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, and heavy, so a small quantity can fill out a blanket. Sand is a cost-effective natural material, but it can’t be evenly distributed throughout the blanket and can easily fall out and create a mess. Grains and beans are an excellent organic fill material but beware;  blankets filled with dried foods can’t be washed.


Certificates are a fast way to check if the blanket you want is organic. Look for the GOTS certification, which guarantees that the textiles used in production are organic. GOTS is the highest internationally recognized standard that strictly inspects the processing, manufacturing, and packaging of materials made from at least 70% certified natural organic fiber.

Weighted blankets carrying the Oeko-Tex stamp are certified safe from more than 100 harmful substances known to be dangerous to humans. This standard ensures that textiles used in the final product are free of chemicals and safe for humans, but it’s not focused on natural organic fiber.

Weight-IconBlanket Weight

The weighted blanket size depends mainly on your personal preference. To experience the full benefits a weighted blanket offers, it should weigh 10% of your body weight as a rule of thumb. But if you feel trapped, claustrophobic, or sweat excessively, you should go lighter. When purchasing a weighted blanket for a child, you should start with a smaller, maybe filler-free version.

The blanket size should fit your bed and not hang from the sides. The weighted blanket should adapt to your body contour and not hang off the bed, causing inadequate weight distribution.


Are organic weighted blankets washable?

It mainly depends on the fill material. Blankets filled with sand can be destroyed with washing and become lumpy. Washing a blanket filled with grains and beans can cause them to deteriorate. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, whether it’s safe to wash your blanket. If it’s not washable, try to purchase an external cover to keep it clean longer. Even if it’s washable, the cover will help you avoid frequent washing.

Are organic weighted blankets safe?

Weighted blankets are safe and great way to massage pressure points and release stress in adults. There’s no evidence of adverse effects in adults. But babies, toddlers, and children weighing less than 2 years should not use a weighted blanket. It can cause suffocation, and if fillers get dislodged, they can be inhaled and become a choking hazard. Those suffering from respiratory issues such as asthma, COPD, and sleep apnea should seek guidance from their healthcare practitioner.