Emperor Size Bed: Everything You Need to Know Is Right Here

If you’re lacking room in your bed and want a little more comfort, the Emperor Size Bed might be precisely what the doctor ordered. As Emperors come above Kings, this size is more spacious and comforting than the traditional king beds. Don’t be surprised if this bed size doesn’t sound familiar – the Emperor Size Bed is a non-standard oversized bed.

Emperor Size Bed
An Emperor Size Bed Frame from PepperSq

As the name suggests, the Emperor Size Bed is made to fit a monarch. Its impressive size is intended to be the centerpiece of the bedroom and serve those who want something bigger than a super king size. It’s a more popular bed choice in the UK while it doesn’t enjoy much popularity in North America.

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Emperor Bed Size

The Emperor Size Bed is a square-shaped, oversized bed, usually made with 78-inches in width and 78-inches in length. However, it also comes more extended, at 84-inches by 84-inches. The exact size depends on the manufacturer. The Emperor is larger than the popular California King and the Super King sizes.

ShapeSleepsAvg. Cost
(Actual Price Varies)
Super King
Super King
72 x 78 inchesRectangular2 adults$800 to $3,000
Emperor Size Bed
Emperor Bed
78 x 78 inchesSquare2 adults + 1 small pet$1,000 to $4,000
California King
California King
72 x 84 inchesRectangular2 adults + 1 small pet$800 to $3,500

Emperor Size Bed vs Super King

When a traditional King Size is not enough, you opt for a Super King. If you’re still not content with the choice, here comes the Emperor Size Bed. The Super King comes in a rectangular shape; it’s 72-inches wide and 78-inches long. The Emperor Size is just as long but wider by 6-inches, allowing sleepers to enjoy spreading out during the night.


The Emperor Size Bed is made as a non-standard oversized bed fitting even in regular bedrooms and homes. It’s the first one in the monarch-named category of beds, before Super Emperor and Caesar. It’s a popular choice in the UK, where the chances of finding it are higher than in North America.

Roman Emperor

As each person requires at least 27-inches, the Emperor can easily fit two adults and a small child or pet. Due to the specific size and small market, most companies have dropped production. If you want to give the Emperor Size Bed a shot, get ready for an extensive search of bedding.

Pros and Cons of the Emperor Size Bed

Thinking about giving the Emperor size bed a shot? Consider the pros and cons listed below before handing over your hard earned income. Make sure so that you’ll won’t be left with a novelty item instead of a functional bed.


  • Bigger than standard beds, you’d have enough room to spread out.
  • Great for couples with different schedules especially when coupled with a low motion transfer mattress.
  • It’s not that much bigger than a King or California King. This means you don’t need a special-sized room to house the bed.


  • The Emperor Bed is rare in North America but more common in the UK. Don’t get your hopes up too high, you’ll not be finding it in your local Ikea.
  • Cost can run high when customizations and accessories are added up.

How Much Does An Emperor Size Bed Cost?

The Emperor doesn’t come cheap; the price is affected by the specific size and limited production. The bed frame alone can cost you $900 to $3,000 depending on the style – upholstered, divan, sleigh, etc.

Mattresses come between $1,000 and $3,500 depending on your choice of brand and composition – organic cotton, latex, etc. Accessories as sheets, duvets, and toppers are rare and expensive.

Emperor Size Bed

Practical Considerations

Got your mind set on a large, soft, and luxurious Emperor Size Bed? Use or guideline to reflect on all details in the purchase process, like the available space, budget, and sleep partner. Make sure you’re willing to go the extra mile for a specifically sized bed.

Considerations Emperor Size Bed

The dimensions of an Emperor might vary between different brands. Some manufacturers make the Emperor the standard 78″ by 78″ while others refer to an 84″ x 84″ mattress as the Emperor. Since they’re not as common, check the exact dimensions before relying on the Emperor as a size.

Consider your room size, especially if you live in the UK, where the square footage of bedrooms is less than in North America. You must have clearance of at least 2 feet on each side of the bed to fit furniture and ensure a comfortable walkway.

Consider the price of the bed frame and the mattress itself when planning your budget. The bed frame is larger in size and custom-made, so it’s pricier. All the accessories like sheets, duvets, or a potential mattress topper are hard to find in a store and can add to the overall cost.

Sleeping Preferences
It’s important to acknowledge the preferences and health conditions like allergies of your sleep partners. It will determine the choice of material and firmness. There aren’t many Emperor sized mattresses on the market, so you have a limited selection, and they might not fit everyone’s needs and desires.


Is the Emperor Bed bigger than the Super King Bed?

The Emperor is the next in size after the Super King, so the Super King is smaller. While both mattresses can have the same length, the Emperor is wider, ensuring more space and comfort when sharing the bed with a partner. If you love spreading out at night, the Emperor will accommodate your needs.

Where do you buy an Emperor Size Bed?

An already made Emperor Size Bed is almost impossible to find in North America. In most cases, you need to find a manufacturer and have your bed made to order. In the UK, several retailers carry bed frames and mattresses for Emperor beds but are still not as widely available either.